Hosting setup hints at pre/post-market data loop

Clinical trial managers may soon be tapping into a data hosting solution that currently targets life sciences and healthcare companies.

Sidus BioData is a HIPAA-compliant solution that also boasts four-tiered physical security. And the IT infrastructure has been qualified against 21 CFR Part 11 security requirements and placed under change control, ensuring that such changes as patches and hot fixes are evaluated for impact prior to implementation.

The offering includes cloud hosting, compliance services and managed hosting. Company spokesperson Cathy Shaw says no clinical trial data is currently being hosted, but the company is currently in discussions with CROs.

In addition to the hosting and security capabilities it provides, BioData may represent another step toward the drug researcher holy grail of joining research with care, providing patient data feedback to the clinic and giving researchers a view of drug data in context. Electronic health records, as we've reported, may provide another means to the same end.

- see the announcement

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