goBalto Adds Site Collaboration and File Upload to Tracker 2.0, the Web-Based Platform for Study Startup

SAN FRANCISCO, May 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- goBalto, Inc. released new file management and site collaboration capabilities in the latest version of Tracker 2.0, the company's cloud-based solution that helps accelerate clinical trial startup.

Tracker 2.0, goBalto's flagship product, is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that helps pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device companies, and small or large clinical research organizations (CROs), track studies and keep managers on the same page during the site activation phase of a study. Configurable workflows allow study managers to implement and benchmark processes globally. Tracker shows real-time status to help study managers find process bottlenecks and optimize resources.

Tracker's new file management and site collaboration features enable sites to log into Tracker to view and exchange documents. This helps expedite document exchange and provide greater sponsor insight into country or site documents and submissions.

"Today, our partners - who represent clinical study sponsors, CROs, and sites - are facing an ever-growing challenge trying to manage tens of thousands of documents and tasks in getting their studies started around the world," said Jae Chung , founding CEO of goBalto. "With our latest release, we're fulfilling a promise made to our clients. Tracker 2.0 empowers everyone to exchange, track, and complete documents in the cloud, all while allowing specialists to coordinate closely with sites. No more guessing who has the ball. We're eliminating tremendous waste in answering who has to do what, next."

File management in the cloud. Now sponsors, CROs, and sites can securely upload, store, and retrieve documents in Tracker. Clinical study teams can now share documents across countries and sites. The new release delivers comprehensive functionality for version control, document history, and viewing outstanding document activities. Files can also easily be exported to an eTMF.

Site collaboration. After 90% of sites gave a previous goBalto product high ratings for its collaboration capabilities, goBalto brought this feature to Tracker 2.0. Now sponsors and CROs can invite sites to collaborate in Tracker to exchange documents, communicate, complete activities, and monitor status. Everyone sees the status of documents and submissions, what's due, what's been communicated, and the current version of documents, all in real-time.

Transparency amplified. Tracker consolidates all documents and communications in one place so the entire team can collaborate, reducing the time it takes to get things done. Messages are no longer hidden in team member email inboxes. Instead, everyone sees the same information. Sponsors gain a centralized view of global study startup activities, and can view metrics from all studies, regions, and CROs. Since activities are tracked, all metrics are in real-time, giving sponsors process visibility where it's needed.

About goBalto

goBalto develops next-generation, cloud-based solutions that simplify how clinical trials are conducted in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Our flagship product, Tracker 2.0, is a purpose-built software-as-a-service clinical research tool. It enables clinical trial sponsors and research organizations to track and collaborate on operational data in a transparent, regulatory-compliant, and user-friendly way. Founded in 2008 in Silicon Valley by biotechnology industry veteran Jae Chung , goBalto is backed by leading health technology investors. For more information, visit www.gobalto.com.

SOURCE goBalto, Inc.