GGA Software Services Delivers Cryptographically Secure Microsoft SharePoint® Document Repository

GGA Software Services Delivers Cryptographically Secure Microsoft SharePoint® Document Repository

GGA Software Services a leading provider of scientific informatics and software solutions announced that its SharePoint Center of Excellence has delivered an innovative cryptographically secure document repository built on Microsoft SharePoint for one of its global pharmaceutical clients. "This unique solution enhances the collaborative file-sharing power of SharePoint by providing the ability to isolate and secure highly sensitive documents within the SharePoint database" said Richard Golob GGA's President and Chief Executive Officer.
"GGA's encryption approach for SharePoint demonstrates the innovation and sophistication that have become the hallmarks of GGA's SharePoint Center of Excellence" according to Golob. He continued "GGA's global clients appreciate GGA's ability to couple innovative expert software engineering with superior problem-solving skills."
While global corporations have increasingly embraced SharePoint as their default collaboration platform across the enterprise some IT and legal decision-makers have been reluctant to permit the use of SharePoint for collaborating around sensitive information. According to Golob "GGA's innovative solution is designed to secure these critical documents with industry-leading encryption technology while allowing the enterprise to exploit the rich set of collaboration features provided by SharePoint."
Working together GGA and its client were able to create a cryptographically secure document repository within SharePoint that enables only selected individuals to view and share highly sensitive documents. This approach secures the documents from viewing even by SharePoint and database administrators.
Golob noted that "GGA's global pharmaceutical client is the first organization to take advantage of this new encryption capability previously available only in the most expensive document management solutions on the market." The client team can now leverage the economical SharePoint platform without sacrificing the security of certain highly confidential material.
GGA's solution employs pre-network encryption to maximize the security of these highly sensitive documents. Encryption of each document occurs on the user's computer before the file is transmitted over the client's network to SharePoint. Golob noted "The unencrypted information cannot be obtained by network eavesdropping and SharePoint never handles or stores the non-encrypted version of the document."
GGA's solution provides a simple user-friendly experience while achieving a high level of data protection by using the Microsoft Crypto API with the client's public key infrastructure (PKI) and the PKI framework from Entrust. To submit a document to a SharePoint library configured to store sensitive documents the user first reviews optionally edits and accepts a list of users who will be authorized to view the document. The client-side component then converts the document to Adobe PDF format encrypts the PDF document and submits it to the SharePoint document library. Unless a person has the use of the private key of one of the authorized viewers the file that traverses the network and is stored in SharePoint is unreadable.
According to Golob "GGA employed Microsoft ClickOnce to ensure a seamless user experience while deploying its solution to users' computers." Working completely within the SharePoint interface the user initiates the entire workflow with a single click of the mouse. Equally important in a regulated environment GGA's solution requires no server-side custom code to be deployed. Customizations can be implemented using client-side JavaScript in conjunction with native SharePoint web services. This approach allows for easy integration with both SharePoint 2010 and 2013.
Golob said "GGA's SharePoint Center of Excellence provides a global collaboration resource that empowers today's R&D organizations to share information more broadly than ever before." GGA's scalable team of SharePoint professionals helps to manage a client's SharePoint platforms and to deliver the client's solution either remotely or on-site. GGA offers support for the entire SharePoint lifecycle including requirements gathering custom SharePoint development system deployment and configuration operational support and administration and end-user support at Levels 1-4. For additional information on GGA's SharePoint Center of Excellence and its encrypted security solution visit or contact Jim Martin at [email protected]
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