Dotmatics adds eMolecules’ chemical sourcing database to lab software


Dotmatics is to provide access to eMolecules’ chemical compound sourcing database from within its platform. The alliance will pair Dotmatics’ chemical search engine with eMolecules’ database of more than 7 million chemicals, giving researchers a way to view information on the pricing and availability of compounds alongside details of their predicted properties.

Users of Dotmatics’ Vortex, Browser and Studies Notebook programs--which are tools for visualizing data, managing results and storing lab notes, respectively--will benefit from the integration. Prior to the alliance, when users pulled up information about a compound Dotmatics would present details such as its matched molecular pairs and predicted properties. Now, this information will be shown alongside data scraped from eMolecules’ chemical compound sourcing database.

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The combination is intended to make it easier for users of Dotmatics’ software programs to look up information on which suppliers are offering a compound, how much is available and what they are charging. Users of Browser, Dotmatics’ data management hub, can also compare compounds from different suppliers. These features are underpinned by eMolecules’ database, which covers 7 million chemicals sold as 20 million products by various suppliers and in different types of packaging.

Mike Hartshorn, chief science officer at Dotmatics, sees the alliance making it easier for users to procure chemicals. “This partnership brings together a sophisticated database and our powerful search technology,” he said in a statement. “The chemical industry provides most of the raw material and products we use today from reagents to screening compounds; together with eMolecules, we will help customers easily manage the huge amount of data available for compound procurement.”

The alliance is in keeping with others struck by the companies independently of each other earlier this month. Dotmatics began the month by teaming up with BioByte, a producer of a calculator for standard partition coefficient, a measure of the hydrophilicity of a compound. The deal put BioByte’s calculator into Dotmatics’ programs including Browser and Vortex. As with the eMolecules deal, the BioByte agreement gives Dotmatics’ users one less reason to exit Browser and Vortex.

EMolecules other agreement is also reminiscent of its deal with Dotmatics. The earlier agreement saw eMolecules sign up to build its ecommerce platform into World Fusion's Life Science Knowledge Bank, a biomedical and chemical research system. Now, when users of the knowledge bank look up a chemical, they will have the opportunity to purchase it through eMolecules’ platform. The deal also expands the reach of eMolecules into Japan.

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