DNAnexus Powers Novel Genomic Collaborations Between Regeneron Genetics Center and Leading Healthcare Institutions

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--()--DNAnexus Inc., today announced that their pioneering, cloud-based genome informatics and data management platform is powering novel genomic collaborations between the Regeneron Genetics Center (RGC) and leading healthcare providers. Described as the largest clinical sequencing undertaking in North America, the DNAnexus-supported initiative powers the industry's first cloud-based genome center to integrate next-generation sequencing with de-identified clinical records, to profoundly accelerate medical discovery.

DNAnexus provides the technology backbone that enables various RGC research partnerships through the sharing and management of data and tools around large volumes of sequencing data. In one major collaboration, the RGC plans to sequence over 100,000 de-identified DNA samples obtained from Geisinger Health System and provide the data to Geisinger. Via the cloud-based genome center, the RGC will integrate the resulting genomic data with corresponding de-identified clinical information, also provided by Geisinger, to guide drug discovery."We are thrilled by the opportunity to partner with Regeneron on uniting genomic and phenotypic data from many institutions on a massive scale to unlock biological insight, deliver new therapies, and improve human health," said Richard Daly, CEO of DNAnexus.

"Our collaboration with DNAnexus has been crucial in enabling the RGC to build the first large-scale genome sequencing center using entirely cloud-based genome informatics and data management. This allows seamless and secure interactions with our collaborators, like Geisinger, and has been essential in bringing the RGC online and rapidly scaling-up to more than 1,000 exomes sequenced per week," said Jeffrey Reid, Ph.D., head of genome informatics at the Regeneron Genetics Center.

Next-generation sequencing technologies – such as those employed by the RGC – have reduced the cost and increased the speed of DNA sequencing to the point where genome informatics is often the bottleneck. To address this issue, the DNAnexus platform allows the RGC to analyze a massive volume of raw sequencing data rapidly and economically, enabling the processing of samples from more than 1,000 patients per week and the sharing of data easily and safely with the respective collaborators. The platform also provides a secure environment where genetic data can be combined with de-identified clinical data, paving the way for novel scientific insights.

The DNAnexus platform is employed by organizations and consortia globally to integrate data, enable collaboration, and accelerate discovery, and has been used to investigate conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and Alzheimer disease.

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