Diabetic insulin-pump hacker exposes Medtronic devices; Group mines electronic records for disease data;


> Jerome Radcliffe, a diabetic insulin-pump hacker, released a report last week that four models of insulin pumps from Medtronic ($MDT) are open to wireless hacking, meaning someone with certain skills and ill intent could remotely disable the devices. Article

> A group of researchers has mined electronic patient records from a Danish psychiatric hospital to identify disease correlations. Item

> Vancouver-based Kinexus Bioinformatics has released the TranscriptoNET KnowledgeBase, an open-access tool for scientists to study "human gene expression in over 300 types of human tissues and organs as well as over 300 human cancer cell lines." Kinexus release

GeekWire profiled Jared Roach, a computational biologist at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, who has helped develop an algorithm that allows chromosomes to be studied as 46 units rather than 23 pairs. Profile