Desktop Genetics teams up for CRISPR lenti-gRNA library project


Desktop Genetics, Horizon Discovery and Vectalys have teamed up to develop custom-made CRISPR lenti-gRNA libraries. The collaboration is underpinned by Desktop Genetics’ gRNA library design and selection algorithms, which the gene editing software specialist is pairing with Horizon’s lenti-gRNA expertise and Vectalys’ lentiviral tools.

By pooling their resources, the three European companies plan to design, produce and sell lentivirus and CRISPR libraries that support precise genome editing. Notably, the collaborators think they can facilitate the editing of cell lines that standard CRISPR delivery methods struggle to address, enabling researchers to broaden the scope of their gene editing activities.

The other differentiating claim made by the collaborators relates to Desktop Genetics’ contribution to the project. Through the use of Desktop Genetics’ methods and algorithms for gRNA library design and selection, the partners think they can cut the rate of off-target events, driving up the accuracy of the results and creating an attractive product for CRISPR screening.

“Through this collaboration, we are able to provide an unparalleled solution for CRISPR screening,” Horizon CEO Darrin Disley said in a statement. “These libraries combine rigorous sgRNA design capabilities with a deep understanding of genetic screening, and package libraries for delivery using the robust and efficient lentiviral platform.”

Disley, who is an adviser to Desktop Genetics, and Horizon, which is a customer of the software firm, are contributing the lenti-gRNA library application expertise they have accrued in building a gene editing service provider with a $200 million market cap.

Vectalys, the other member of the trio, is on board to contribute its lentiviral particle library design and production expertise and technologies.