deCODE using in-house bioinformatics in new Pfizer deal; Illumina adds cloud capabilities in new sequencing system;

> Bio-IT World details upgrades such as BaseSpace, a new cloud-based software, for Illunina's ($ILMN) new next-generation sequencing instrument, MiSeq. Report

> Researchers from Case Western Reserve University have developed computer models that reveal structural differences of healthy and ill brains. Release

> Rosetta Genomics, which develops microRNA-based diagnostics using bioinformatics and other technologies, has raised $1.9 million in a private placement. Item

> DeCODE Genetics' in-house bioinformatics and statistical know-how will be used, along with other technologies, in a new deal with drug giant Pfizer ($PFE) to "discover sequence variants associated with specific clinical phenotypes related to Systemic Lupus Erythematosis." Release

> Radiant Sage has released a version of its Core-Lab-in-a-Box software for the enterprise market, enabling drug researchers to manage image data from a number of trials in one database. Article