Deal adds electronic tools to trial management services

Bio-Imaging Technologies will acquire eTrials Worldwide in a deal to provide customers integrated solutions to track and manage more of the data from clinical trials than they can using either company's offerings alone.

Software and services from etrials provide technology tools for coordinating data capture, logistics, patient interaction and trial management. Among the technologies are electronic data capture (EDC), interactive voice and web response, and electronic patient diaries on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform or as individual solutions. Such tools are likely to grow in importance as researchers and service providers work to overcome the barriers currently slowing the adoption of adaptive clinical trials.

"By joining forces with BioClinica we believe we will help improve the accuracy, speed and safety of large-scale clinical trials with complex data requirements," says M. Denis Connaghan, etrials president and CEO, in an announcement.

Etrials has had a hand in more than 900 trials in 60 countries, according to the announcement. Its capabilities augment the data management services of Bio-Imaging Technologies, d/b/a BioClinica, which supports all phases of clinical trials. BioClinica was created from the acquisition of Phoenix Data Systems by Bio-Imaging Technologies, and it provides medical image management and EDC services. BioClinica, which claims involvement in more than 2,000 trials, operates two FDA-compliant core labs in the United States and Europe.

"This addition broadens our eClinical product offering while leveraging our global operations," says Mark L. Weinstein, president and CEO of BioClinica, in the announcement. "With minimal customer overlap, the acquisition also presents cross-selling and new business opportunities."

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