DATATRAK adds cross-trial reports to eClinical CTMS

Cross-trial reporting functionality of performance metrics is among the Q4 enhancements to DATATRAK's eClinical solution.

New reports include Enterprise Overview (counts and sums of sites, patients, users and completion based on source document verification status) and the Averages Report, which compares the average completion of tasks in days across studies. In addition, the Trials Summary report has been modified to include metrics across trials instead of sites.

Also, the eClinical locking function now includes a Freeze status in addition to Lock. The company says Freeze will simplify the data cleaning process and accelerate intermediate database locks. The Freeze function prevents changes to data while the Lock function prevents changes to both data and meta data.

Users will also see a Partial Freeze and Partial Lock status in their summary screens; this indicates that some forms or questions within a visit or group of forms have been Frozen or Locked. This visual indication helps to indicate completion of tasks for these items.

- see the Datatrak release
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