Coriell Institute taps IBM for data storage and sample monitoring; San Diego supercomputers uncover weak spots on flu bugs;

> GenomeQuest is putting its sequence data management software to work in a partnership with Pathogenica to aid in infectious disease research. Story

> Providing researchers with a free online resource, Vancouver's Kinexus Bioinformatics has expanded its KiNET DataBank for the study of cellular communication systems. Release

> SAS, the large analytics software provider to many top drug developers like AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers Squibb, celebrated its 35th birthday last week. The spin-out of North Carolina State University now has 400 global offices. Announcement

> With simulations at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at the University of California San Diego, a group of researchers has uncovered new lines of attack against flu bugs that are resistant to existing drugs. Story

> Targeting the increasingly important CRO market for eClinical software, DZS Software Solutions has revealed a new program that gives contract research organizations access to its clinical trial management system with month-to-month subscriptions. Release

> Coriell Institute for Medical Research, which maintains a major biobank of living human cells, says that it has used IBM's ($IBM) technology to efficiently store genetic data as well as to monitor the actual freezers where it keeps samples. Announcement

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