Cloud to host Saffron predictive analytics tool

Start-up RedOak Logic is entering the decision-support business for drug development. Its cloud-based, data-analytics platform, currently in beta testing, aims to capture and make use of public, proprietary, structured and unstructured data for decision support.

The solution hails from esoteric territory--it's based on the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform, an associative-memory technology for predictive analytics. Saffron introduced version 8 last March.

RedOak CEO Dale Fedewa says in an announcement that the company was formed to create a "Saffron-based experience management solution to redefine the way drug manufacturers bring products to market." RedOak customizes the application interface of its platform to each drugmaker client. The software vendor says it anticipates use-based pricing. Product availability is projected in 2011.

- here's the RedOak release