CLC bio Delivers Breakthrough Functional Genomics Analysis with New Resequencing Pipeline

CLC bio Delivers Breakthrough Functional Genomics Analysis with New Resequencing Pipeline

AARHUS, Denmark--Today CLC bio released the new version 5.5 of its desktop software, CLC Genomics Workbench, as well as a new version of the enterprise software, CLC Genomics Server version 4.5. Both software packages have been updated with a wide range of new and improved features, especially breakthrough additions in functional genomics, now supporting a complete resequencing workflow from read mapping over variant detection to downstream analysis.

"Until today, no other tools allowed non-programmers to build resequencing workflows through a graphical user-interface. With this release we're enabling biologists, clinicians, and other scientists to intuitively build workflows and visualize their datasets through all stages of the analysis - right on their desktop computers." explains VP of R&D at CLC bio, Dr. Roald Forsberg, and continues, "For example, you can build a complete analysis workflow, starting with read trimming, followed by mapping, calling and annotating variants, and ending with comparative analysis. The workflows can be used to combine several filtering and annotation steps into one, and even run in batch mode to analyze a high number of samples."

"Last Summer we released the 'Genomics Gateway' plugin which introduced the track concept, allowing easy visualization and comparisons of NGS data from multiple samples. The success of this plugin demonstrated how powerful this solution was for our customers, and that's why we're now incorporating all the functionalities of Genomics Gateway into CLC Genomics Workbench" says Director of Product Development at CLC bio, Søren Mønsted, and adds, "I would like to thank all our users who helped us and provided us with valuable feedback!"

Some of the new features

Among other additions and improvements, these are supporting a complete resequencing pipeline:
• Workflows can be created to combine various tools from the toolbox into one single analysis step
• Tracks, the new way of storing, comparing and displaying genomics data, can easily be created and used in all resequencing tools
• Advanced variant detection, also well suited for genomes of higher ploidy
• Trio analysis comparing father-mother-child variants enables studies of inherited and de novo mutations
• Easy download of genomics sequence and annotation data from public databases

The complete list of all improvements:

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