CLC bio buys molecular docking software company Molegro

Danish bioinformatics outfit CLC bio has added Molegro, a drug discovery and data-mining software maker, to its portfolio of products.

Molegro focuses on molecular docking, which predicts the preferred orientation of one molecule to a second when bound to each other. Its products include software to determine protein-ligand interactions, screening of compound databases for activities against a receptor, and determining the similarities of molecules. Like CLC, it is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark.

CLC says in a release the acquisition supports CLC bio's plan to move beyond bioinformatics next-generation sequencing. CLC says it intends to invest significantly in Molegro's software products. According to a recent Pharma IQ study, the basic laboratory informatics business is maturing, with about 55% of respondents saying they already have laboratory informatics systems. But many report they are looking for more specialized services.

The two companies did not provide details of the terms but CLC says it will assume all of Molegro's customers that have active support and software upgrade contracts. Molegro's customers include both biotech companies and academic researchers.

The acquisition comes days after CLC announced that it had grabbed a $2 million share of a $10 million EU-funded grant program to develop systems to identify pathogens from clinical samples. The company will develop software for spotting pathogens, characterization of pathogen genes and other indicators. The University College London is leading the PATHSEEK program, in which researchers will examine the use of sequencing to identify pathogens and drug-resistant bugs. 

- here's the CLC release
- get the Pharma IQ release

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