CellNetix Adopts N-of-One TrialMatch™ Based on N-of-One's Leading Clinical Interpretation Evidence for NGS TestsN-of-One

CellNetix Adopts N-of-One TrialMatch™ Based on N-of-One's Leading Clinical Interpretation Evidence for NGS Tests

Posted on: 12 May 15

N-of-One Inc. the leading provider of clinical interpretation evidence today announced that CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories has adopted N-of-One's new clinical trial matching solution TrialMatch™ as well as N-of-One clinical interpretation evidence services. Under this agreement N-of-One will provide industry-leading clinical interpretation evidence as well as molecular profile-based clinical trial matching for CellNetix next generation sequencing cancer genomics tests. Financial terms of the agreement are not disclosed.

CellNetix is an innovative state-of-the-art anatomic pathology laboratory currently doing more than 100000 biopsies annually. CellNetix provides a unique solution for cancer genomics testing through a custom designed assay that incorporates the histopathology findings and informs clinical decision-making for both solid and hematologic malignancies. CellNetix's success is based on its commitment to exceedingly high standards of quality for their laboratory customer service and business relationships. N-of-One is the exclusive provider of clinical interpretation evidence used by CellNetix pathologists to create the clinical genomics report.

N-of-One TrialMatchTM introduces a new genre of clinical trial matching because it is based on each patient's specific molecular profile as well as selected criteria such as institution and geography. N-of-One's industry leading clinical interpretation evidence service forms the basis for TrialMatch™ and provides the comprehensive evidence needed including insights into the implication of each patient's molecular profile on drug sensitivity drug resistance and potential combination therapies.

"Clinical trial matching is central to enabling clinicians to identify the best therapeutic options for their cancer patients" said Anna Berry M.D. Medical Director of Molecular Diagnostics at CellNetix and Scientific Director Personalized Medicine Program Swedish Cancer Institute. "CellNetix has adopted N-of-One TrialMatch™ and clinical interpretation evidence services because together they provide the most comprehensive patient-specific molecular profile to inform high-quality clinician decision making."

"The key to the success of TrialMatch™ is N-of-One clinical interpretation evidence" said Jennifer Levin Carter Chief Medical Officer of N-of-One. "Successful clinical trial matching requires patient-specific molecular profiling at the gene-variant-disease level based on comprehensive up-to-date scientific and clinical evidence which is a fundamental capability of N-of-One."

About CellNetix

CellNetix Pathology & Laboratories LLC is a dynamic rapidly growing private pathology company headquartered in Seattle Washington serving hospitals and clinics throughout Washington Oregon Idaho and Alaska. CellNetix employs over 50 pathologists and provides comprehensive sub specialized anatomic pathology services at its central state-of-the-art anatomic pathology laboratory in Seattle.

About N-of-One

N-of-One a leader in enabling precision medicine for oncology leverages its world-class team of experts coupled with a highly proprietary platform that allows us to provide clinical solutions and services such as molecular interpretation to clinicians at the point of care. N-of-One's team of experts has interpreted thousands of samples for oncologists and patients worldwide through partnerships with leading diagnostic companies hospital systems directly to oncologists and through employee access benefit programs. N-of-One does not provide medical advice or promote any product or service. For more information please visit www.n-of-one.com or call 617-202-9808.

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