Cardiologists leverage social media; Organizers envision caBIG 2.0;

> The New England Journal of Medicine has launched an online community for cardiologists called CardioExchange, another example of a healthcare resource courtesy of social media, says Mark Senak. Column 

> Organizers of the National Cancer Institute Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid Initiative (caBIG) are looking toward the next generation of the tool suite, caBIG 2.0, by seeking input from the informatics community. Article [sub req]

> The FACTS 2 simulation package helps researchers study a trial design's operating characteristics at the planning stage by exploring the impact of different dose response profiles, trial accrual rates, and subject drop rates on likely trial outcome. Article

> ISI has enhanced its regulatory publishing products to accommodate the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Common Technical Document (aCTD), a standardized format for transfer of regulatory information. ISI release

> Cmed Group, which offers both clinical research services and a data capture and management system, has named Andrew Kellett as its CFO. Cmed release

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