Bluebee raises €1.75 million investment

Bluebee raises €1.75 million investment
May 20, 2015

Bluebee announced toady it has raised 1.75 million EUR (1.90 million USD) from Belgian investment firm Buysse & Partners and existing shareholder Delft University of Technology to bring its cloud-based, accelerated genomics solution to clinicians and labs.

Bluebee's technology, based on hybrid-core computing (FPGA) allows clinicians to shorten the time-to-diagnosis substantially. "Our technology solves the biggest bottleneck in DNA analysis today," says Hans Cobben, CEO of Bluebee, "and will help save lives by bringing real-time, personalized medicine one step closer. We enable virtually unlimited scaling up of sequencing capacity, which is a first in this industry."

Founded in 2011 as a spin-off of the Delft University of Technology and Imperial College London, Bluebee is the only company that offers a cloud-based, distributed computing solution combined with accelerated hardware. This allows mass sequencing data volumes to be processed in extremely short timeframes. Bluebee technology was developed to address a growing concern among researchers and clinicians about the amount of data that DNA sequencing is generating.

Bluebee's executive team includes seasoned scientists as well as veterans from the financial transactions industry, such as Swift and SunGard. They bring their considerable experience with large scale mission-critical and highly secured infrastructure to the field of next generation genomics.

"Bluebee offers clinical-grade security and privacy protection, as well as ease-of-use" Hans Cobben explains. "We are convinced that if we want to start using genomics on a large scale in the clinical process, we have to do it right. DNA privacy will become a huge societal issue in the next few years, and we are committed to being on the right side of that debate. For us, it is the only sustainable approach to the age of personalised medicine."

Bluebee was founded by a team of supercomputing and medical experts from the Delft University of Technology and Imperial College London. The solution has been successfully piloted by Tier 1 clinical research labs such as DKFZ (German Cancer Research Center).

Among its scientific advisers are internationally acclaimed scientists like Prof. Dr. Edwin Cuppen, Professor, Human Genetics and Head of Research, Department of Medical Genetics at the University of Utrecht, and Dr. Peter Hofstee, Senior Researcher at IBM Austin Research Laboratory on workload-optimized and hybrid systems.

Hans Cobben, CEO: "In the supercomputing and clinical field, Bluebee's scientific team and advisors give us unparalleled reach and access to the best minds and the latest, ground breaking concepts. It's an advantage that will help us become the standard for high throughput genomics."

Frank Buysse, managing partner at Buysse & Partners: "We are proud to partner with Bluebee. Buysse & Partners will complement the management as an active shareholder in this unique and exciting business proposition. Bluebee brings a compelling vision, ground breaking technology and a tried and tested executive and scientific team to genomics, one of the most exciting fields to emerge in business today. We look forward to helping the Bluebee team to execute their vision in the years to come."

Buysse & Partners ( is an independent investment group deploying capital in high-growth companies in Europe and Latin America.