Blades and I/O trick save space; Utah goes personalized;

> The combination of I/O virtualization and two IBM Blade Center H Chassis, providing the equivalent of 14 servers in a 9U form factor, have helped New England BioLabs skirt a costly physical expansion to deal with the 120-server data center it had outgrown. Article

> Utah wants to secure a top spot in the personalized medicine field by growing the Utah Population Data Base and integrating biosamples with electronic medical records. Article

> Study-build solution I-Builder 2.0 supports multiple users for building simple studies, global, multi-center studies, and adaptive study designs. Release

> The self-contained FSX100 combines brightfield and fluorescence microscopes with a camera system, allowing researchers to close the front cover and image specimens in the lab with the lights on. Article

> Abbott Laboratories is acquiring Starlims of Israel, a maker of data management software for laboratories, for a 47 percent premium over its market cap in Tel Aviv. Item

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