Bayer adopts Phlexglobal eTMF system

Bayer sign

Bayer has adopted Phlexglobal’s electronic trial master file (eTMF) system across most of its clinical trials. The pharma wing of the German conglomerate is using the technology to manage documents relating to its clinical research program.

Phlexglobal bagged the deal with Bayer and embarked on a nine-week implementation program last year, but has just gone public with news of the agreement. One year after that implementation push, Bayer is using the eTMF across the majority of its recently initiated clinical trials. The next step is to adopt the fourth version of the PhlexEview eTMF software, which Phlexglobal only took the wraps off after it started the implementation at Bayer.

The software firm promoted the automated and configurable features of PhlexEview 4 when it unveiled the new version in April. When discussing the planned upgrade at Bayer, Phlexglobal talked up other benefits. The next stage of the implementation program will integrate PhlexEview with other trial technologies at Bayer, such as its CTMS, EDC, interactive voice response system and regulatory submission process.

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While large eClinical players such as Medidata ($MDSO) and, increasingly, Veeva Systems ($VEEV) are trying to get customers to source many these technologies from them, Phlexglobal is taking a different tack. As an eTMF specialist, Phlexglobal lacks the broad suite of technologies needed to meet all of its customers’ eClinical needs. But, if it can excel at eTMF and integrate its technology with other companies’ EDC platforms and CTMS, it may still be able to meet the desire for connected systems.

In the face of competition from companies including Veeva, Phlexglobal has introduced the fourth version of PhlexEview and bought Net Solutions Europe (NSE). Phlexglobal worked with NSE on the development of PhlexEview for years. In January, Phlexglobal went a step further and bought NSE in a deal it said would speed development of PhlexEview.

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