AZ U.S. creates health-tracking social media for employees; Big Pharma does lousy job with mobile;

> AstraZeneca U.S. has created an internal social media website for employees to track their personal health and fitness, which also allows them to do such things as challenge other employees to meet health goals. Story

> South London Healthcare NHS Trust has launched an investigation to determine how its website was hacked with a message left in Arabic. Item

> While many big corporations have yet to design websites specifically for the now ubiquitous smartphones, Big Pharma is further behind than most. Story  

> With the importance of storage performance growing, Nimbus Data Systems believes that its new Gemini system, which relies on flash storage, could be a significant improvement for biotech clients that need to manage huge amounts of data. Story

> The head of Amazon Web Services (AWS) says the world is on the cusp of a shift in computing power "that is as momentous and as fundamental as the shift to the electrical grid" as AWS and others compete to offer unimaginable amounts of computing capacity to companies at a fraction of the cost to build their own infrastructure. Story