Atlas Regeneration Inc, New Company Focusing on Regeneration Bioinformatics and Regeneration Pharmacology, Has Officially Launched, Winston Salem, NC September 03, 2015

Atlas Regeneration Inc, a company dedicated to developing novel software platforms and algorithms for drug discovery relating to regenerative medicine and stem cell research, has officially launched. Atlas has partnered with InSilico Medicine, a Baltimore based bioinformatics company, which employs its state of the art Geroscope platform to select and rate personalized anti-aging therapies and identify new drug candidates in longevity.

Aging is an issue that effects all people around the globe universally, but as the babyboomer generation ages, the stress that it places on society becomes greater and the need develop methods for people to remain productive as they age rises in turn. Aging is a very complex multifactorial process that cannot be stopped or reversed by a simple combination of drugs, which is why it is important to develop personalized treatments tailored to individual subjects. The pharmaceutical industry needs a platform to effectively utilize and clinically implement stem cells technology.

Another angle the new company is concentrating on screening and predicting the effectiveness of possible regeneration-inducing drugs in a high-throughput environment to at least slow some of the aging processes by stimulating natural tissues regeneration potential. Some of the known drugs have been on the market for many decades and only recently have scientists started finding clues to their anti-inflammation, regeneration and geroprotective effects. There is an urgent need for intelligent systems that will cost-effectively predict the effectiveness of the many drugs on individual tissue, organ and organism levels.

One of the reasons why pharmaceutical companies failed to develop business models for increasing productive human longevity and organ regeneration using iPSC technology is because iPS cells have serious safety and differentiation limitation and it takes several weeks to evaluate safety and the differentiation potential of each particular cell line.

"We built our platform, Regeneration Intelligence, on years of experience in regenerative medicine and pharmacology, de novo organ regeneration, body-on-the chip technology just to mention a few of them with a one single goal: develop a reliable tool to convert multi-omics data from individual patient's tissues into unified drug score to predict the effectiveness of targeted compounds and improve clinical decision making, unified iPSC lines score to predict differentiation potential and evaluate clinical safety," said Anthony Atala, MD, the CEO of Atlas Regeneration. "We are reinventing this system for drug discovery in regeneration medicine and aging to more effectively employ big data to find solutions for aging, competing with the Google's Calico and Human Longevity companies, to deliver hope that we may see the time when our mutual efforts will start saving lives and increase life span via regeneration in adult humans."

Some of the ideas behind the company's bioinformatics platforms for both regeneration, iPS and aging are rather simple: analyze all available omics profiles of "cells-in-progress" (iPSC line under evaluation, cells/tissues under treatment and so on) and targeted counterpart cells in mature healthy tissues or organs, run computer simulations based on proprietary pathway map to see what drugs or treatments make the old or undifferentiated cell get as close to the norm/healthy counterparts as possible and then validate the results on human cells and model organisms. The same approach may be employed to personalize the drug regimen for individual patients. The core parts of the technology are proprietary signaling pathway map, a unique scoring algorithm along with well-developed biological models which allows us to use all-inclusive gene expression analysis, including microRNA, methylation and proteomics modules among others, and a comprehensive constantly updated drug database.

About Atlas Regeneration Inc
In last couple years the Atlas Regeneration team has worked hard to develop the most advanced pathway analysis algorithm (Regeneration Intelligences) and the most comprehensive scalable drug knowledge management system of annotated drugs, small molecules, biologics and all other actionable factors (Universal Signalome Atlas). For more information, please visit:

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Atlas Regeneration
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