Ariana analysis tech improves trial design

Previous trial data, mined properly, provides a tool for fine-tuning follow-on trial design. The devil, of course, is in the details. But by combining decision-support technology with statistical analysis software, Ariana Pharma has developed the means to consider combinations of subject characteristics to discern those who might benefit most from a treatment.

Ariana Pharma uses the KEM Clinicals decision-support platform in conjunction with statistical analysis software like SAS, according to eCliniqua. The combination allows for hypothesis testing via trial data on subject response to individual parameters, allowing researchers to discern treatment indications early in drug development.

KEM, for Knowledge Extraction and Management, helps researchers study consumer behavior and detect safety issues in non-pharma industries; its use is relatively new in clinical trials. Ariana says it is working with about 20 big-pharma companies now and small biotechs are beginning to show interest.

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