Apps merge for trial subject tasks

Perceptive Informatics sees a definite uptick in the need for interoperability among automated clinical trial management applications. It has begun answering that need by enhancing the interoperability of two products in its mainstay eClinical suite: DataLabs and ClinPhone.

DataLabs is an electronic data capture solution, and ClinPhone comprises randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) technologies.

"We're seeing a huge uptake of the combination [of interoperable EDC and RTSM applications], perhaps most significant on the EDC side," says Bill Byrom, senior director for eClinical product strategy, based in Nottingham, U.K. "There's a definite shift to customers who want both."

The enhanced interoperability between DataLabs and ClinPhone comes about via "robust" middleware called the clinical technology integration platform (CTIP), he explains. The middleware allows the passing of data between solutions at the back end, according to a company technical note, allowing the use of either DataLabs or ClinPhone for two of the most common patient-level activities done by investigators: randomizing patients and dispensing medication.

"Those are the ones we focused on first," Byrom says in an interview. Follow-on efforts for enhanced interoperability may target additional patient-level activities, or perhaps site-level activities. "We're looking at the areas of convergence most important to customers," he adds.

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