After AIDS win, video game Foldit gets graded on ups and downs; Lilly gets honored for web-based system;

> Derek Lowe provides a cogent analysis of the online structural biology game Foldit's ups and downs after its players won big with an AIDS project. Blog

> The American Board of Medical Specialties has (finally) deemed clinical informatics to be a medical specialty. Story

> A small survey of life sciences professionals suggests that development of bioinformatics is a higher priority than advancing e-infrastructures. Blog

> Industry leaders in Minnesota are concerned that the state risks losing its edge in life sciences due to advancements in bioinformatics and other fields changing the way science is commercialized. Report

> In case you missed it, Eli Lilly ($LLY) was named as an InformationWeek 500 innovator earlier this month. The drugmaker has a web-based system for external researchers to submit details about their compounds for Lilly to evaluate without giving the drug giant full access to all the information about the molecule, the magazine noted. Article

> Bio-IT World reminds researchers that deadlines begin Sept. 30 for Critical Assessment of Genome Interpretation (CAGI) challenges, which involve computational methods for predicting how genetic variants impact phenotype. Item