Adobe Re-ups with SAFE-BioPharma

Both Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader with LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES have again passed muster with the SAFE BioPharma digital identity and signature standard. The products were initially certified two years ago and recertified in 2008, along with Adobe LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES, which remains compliant.

Recertification is done by the supplier via a process developed by SAFE-BioPharma.

The SAFE BioPharma Association-the non-profit that manages the standard for the pharma and healthcare industries-standardized on Adobe to help spread the use of electronic documents. Adobe says in a white paper that Acrobat and Reader have support for the standard built into them, and that they require minimal customization and interoperate directly with the public key security infrastructure of SAFE.

Use of the standard in electronic communications can help minimize legal and regulatory risk in electronic transactions. And the use of digital signatures means that companies don't have to keep paper originals.

- here's the release
- read the white paper