Adaptivity on the rise at Lilly; Mayo Clinic to tap EHRs for trial recruitment;

> Adaptive trials appear to be gaining traction: Eli Lilly is using an adaptive design for studies of a diabetes drug candidate. I-SPY2 studies biomarkers to see if they can point to the breast cancer patients most likely to benefit from different drugs made by Abbott, Amgen and Pfizer. Article

> The Mayo Clinic is working to unlock data in 7 million patient electronic health records to accelerate clinical trial recruitment. Article

> Contract researcher Health Decisions, a proponent of adaptive trial design, has signed with OmniComm for the TrialMaster electronic data capture platform. Announcement

> Philadelphia-based ePharmaSolutions is collaborating with iTrials to integrate the latter's HIPAA-compliant longitudinal patient database, which links 80 million patients with 350,000 physicians, into ePharmaSolutions' Clinical Research Investigator Database. Release

> Oracle has launched Argus Safety Japan 6.0, a pharmacovigilance solution for Japanese health sciences organizations and global companies serving Japan. Release

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