AB Sciex, Indigo BioSystems join forces on mass spectrometry software

With the aim of streamlining the use of mass spectrometry data, AB Sciex and Indigo BioSystems have teamed up to combine their knowledge of the fields of mass spectrometry and advanced data analysis, the companies announced Monday. And the combo of technologies could make analyzing mass spectrometry data easier for clinical researchers and forensics labs.

Indigo BioSystems, a provider of data analysis and quality review software, said it re-engineered the data analysis process and used new algorithms to automate the transition of data from mass spectrometry instruments to processing tools. With the improved workflows for its system, AB Sciex aims to sell the product to clinical researchers, toxicology labs, academics and biopharma companies.

"Automation is an important step to accelerate the adoption of new-generation mass spectrometry for clinical research, forensics and clinical trials," said Joe Anacleto, AB Sciex's vice president of applied markets and clinical research, in a statement. "We are striving to make mass spectrometry as easy to use as possible for researchers analyzing steroids, pain panels, drugs of abuse and an expanding variety of substances."

Through the collaboration with Indigo, AB Sciex has a shot at catering to researchers who might not otherwise use mass spectrometry tech because of complexities associated with traditional systems.

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