10 Big Pharma smartphone apps

When it comes to the apps game, Big Pharma outfits are stepping up. Companies have added downloadable tools for both providers and patients. Apps range from Sanofi's ($SNY) GoMeals, which helps diabetes patients keep track of their diets, to Eli Lilly's ($LLY) Lilly Oncology Clinical Trials Resource, which allows healthcare professionals to search the company's and others' cancer trials. Here we take a look at 10 Big Pharma apps geared toward patients and healthcare providers.

For many drugmakers, apps serve as tools within broader digital strategies that follow a trend of doctors and patients going online or turning to their mobile devices for information about health and medicines. They rarely push products with their consumer-friendly apps, but their company brands stay in front of their target audiences. Drug reps can now say, "Check out this useful app." Sounds cooler to us than, "Here's a pen." Check out the slideshow to get a sense for the types of apps drugmakers are pushing these days.  

Editor's note: This slide show is part of a collaboration between FierceMarkets' Life Sciences and Healthcare groups, as the content has meaning to both groups' respective audiences. FierceBiotechIT covers health apps as such assets apply to the digital strategies of biopharma groups. Click here to view the full slideshow >> -- Ryan McBride (Email | Twitter)