Venter's HLI nabs Millennium Health COO to oversee global expansion

J. Craig Venter

J. Craig Venter's Human Longevity Inc. (HLI) has appointed a chief operating officer to manage its burgeoning genome sequencing operation. Mark Winham has taken up the position, jumping ship from drug-testing lab Millennium Health, where he also served as COO.

The move gives Winham responsibility for managing the expanding sequencing, laboratory, product pipeline and facility operations at HLI, which works out of two locations in California--Mountain View and San Diego--and one in Singapore. In the early days of HLI, Venter focused on bringing top-tier IT and data talent to the company, luring Yaron Turpaz from AstraZeneca ($AZN) to serve as chief information officer and poaching Franz Och from Google ($GOOG) to take up the chief data scientist position. Now, with the operation growing, HLI has added a COO.

For a young tech company, HLI already has a fairly global operation, with Och leading a data science team out of Mountain View, Venter basing the headquarters in San Diego and Turpaz overseeing the establishment of a computing and informatics facility in Singapore. And the plan is continue to expand globally now Winham is on board. "Mark brings substantial operational vision and technical leadership to HLI. He will play a critical role in helping to manage the growth and complexities of our business as we expand our operations globally," Venter said in a statement.

Before joining Millennium Health, Winham spent a decade at Life Technologies ($LIFE), in which time he held posts including VP of global manufacturing. Winham joined Life Technologies as part of the takeover of Applied Biosystems. Winham's hiring comes 7 weeks after HLI put Kurt Oreshack in the position of general counsel.

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