AllSeq, DNAnexus share data from Illumina HiSeq X Ten

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HiSeq X Ten

While early adopters of Illumina's ($ILMN) $1,000 genome machine the HiSeq X Ten have been testing the system for months, researchers from less wealthy organizations have had no access to the technology. In a limited way, that changed this week, when the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, DNAnexus and AllSeq teamed up to share data from a HiSeq X Ten.

The Australia-based Garvan Institute was among the first group of organizations to order a HiSeq X Ten. Having installed the system, Garvan used it to sequence a sample that has already been analyzed extensively by the Genome in a Bottle Consortium. Garvan uploaded the data from its two test genomes to DNAnexus' platform in less than 50 minutes, suggesting the cloud-based system can keep pace with the HiSeq X Ten's 25 minutes per genome speed.

AllSeq subsequently made the data available on its website, with the collaborators claiming the whole process was completed within hours. The collaboration suggests Garvan and DNAnexus have the infrastructure to handle cloud-based genomics in the era of the $1,000 genome. And it gives the broader research community an opportunity to assess the quality of the data generated by Illumina's new sequencer.

Anyone can access the original files, plus analysis results and quality metrics, through AllSeq. Users of DNAnexus can also copy the files to their projects with the cloud service provider for further analysis.

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