UCB CEO plots strategy following Cimzia approval

Fresh off the FDA's approval of Cimzia for Crohn's disease, UCB chief executive Roch Doliveux forecast a swift regulatory success in Europe. Cimzia is one of the most closely watched late-stage drugs for arthritis, and Doliveux was clearly buoyed by the 20 percent jump in the value of UCB shares following yesterday's regulatory win. UCB's pegylated anti-TNFa therapy offers a new, easier form of administration than existing arthritis therapies and analysts have been bullish about its market potential.

The CEO also forecast a resolution of its manufacturing problems with Neupro, which was recalled in the U.S. after formulation problems were revealed. Cimzia, Vimpat, Neupro and Rikelta are all expected to add to the company's performance, says Doliveux, after which UCB plans a "breakthrough" phase.

- see UCB release on the approval
- read the AFX report

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