Onkos Surgical bags $17M+ to boost ‘aggressive growth’

Onkos markets a limb salvage system for patients who have experienced bone loss from cancer.

Musculoskeletal cancer specialist Onkos Surgical raised $17.6 million in Series B funding, which will boost its sales, marketing and R&D ops.

Founded in 2015, the Parsippany, New Jersey-based company aims to develop products and services based on personalized 3D printing for patients with musculoskeletal tumors. Its ELEOS limb salvage system earned the FDA nod last fall for the treatment of patients who have suffered bone loss from cancer, trauma or previous surgeries.

“Every day, musculoskeletal oncologists and their patients are faced with clinical challenges that have been overlooked for too long,” said CEO Patrick Treacy in a statement. “We have the portfolio to deliver meaningful innovation with our advanced 3D printing capabilities, limb restoration technologies, and biologic solutions—all enabled with a unique service and surgical planning platform called uDesign Patient Solutions."

In addition to the ELEOS system, the uDesign suite comprises regenerative tissue matrix, allografts for bone and muscle reconstruction and a platform that creates personalized, 3D models of hard and soft tumor tissue to help surgeons adjust procedures to individual patients.

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Canaan Partners led the funding, while existing investors 1315 Capital and 3D Systems also participated.

In 2015, Onkos picked up the first $6.1 million of a Series A round and partnered with MicroPort Orthopedics, gaining access to the latter’s segmental prostheses, including an expandable prosthesis for patients with bone cancer. And last April, Onkos teamed up with Vivex Biomedical on bone and tissue grafts for use after musculoskeletal tumor surgery.