Medicines Co. wraps $240M deal to buy ProFibrix following PhIII success

The Medicines Company has swooped in to buy out the Dutch biotech ProFibrix, chipping in $90 million in cash on top of a $10 million option anted up in June as Phase III data on a lead surgical therapy loomed. And the buyer has agreed to pay up to $140 million more for a set of unspecified milestones.

The Medicines Company ($MDCO) is landing Fibrocaps in the deal, an easy-to-use dry-powder formulation of fibrinogen and thrombin that can be used to stop bleeding during surgery, a process referred to as hemostasis. In their release today the companies noted that the lead biologic hit all primary and secondary endpoints on four surgical indications: spinal surgery, hepatic resection, soft tissue dissection and vascular surgery. Investigators recruited 719 patients for the Phase III study.

The plan now is to file for EU approval in the fourth quarter of this year, with an FDA application following in the first quarter of 2014, ProFibrix CEO Jan Ohrstrom tells FierceBiotech. And The Medicines Company believes it can earn more than $300 million a year on the product, provided it wins key approvals.

"The company was founded in 2007 with an A round from Index Ventures," adds Ohrstrom. Phase I was run in 2008 and investigators are now wrapping a 5-year clinical program, with more work scheduled on laparoscopic surgery as well as a pediatric program. The CEO says more indications are also being "toyed with," but he declined to elaborate. The company's lab in Leiden will stay operational, says Ohrstrom, the former chief medical officer of ZymoGenetics. ProFibrix currently has 25 employees in Leiden and Seattle, where it has a clinical development site.

"Subject to regulatory approval, we believe Fibrocaps can become an important hemostatic product--complementary to Recothrom (Thrombin, topical [Recombinant])," says Clive Meanwell, the CEO at The Medicines Co. "We anticipate leverage of our work with U.S. surgery centers and entry into the European market. … ProFibrix also has a proprietary recombinant fibrinogen development program which potentially allows us to create the world's first recombinant thrombin and recombinant fibrinogen combination products. We plan to integrate the ProFibrix team with our existing Recothrom team--expanding our activities in surgery in pursuit of our purpose which is to save lives, alleviate suffering and improve the economic efficiency of leading hospitals worldwide."

The market for hemostatic products has been busy with new developments for years. Just a few weeks ago Omrix Biopharmaceuticals won a recommendation from the CHMP in Europe for the sealant matrix Evarrest, which also combines fibrinogen and thrombin. But The Medicines Company is hoping that ProFibrix's off-the-shelf technology will quickly win converts.

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