Molecular Health raises $27M to advance data-crunching tech

Molecular Health has raised $27 million to drive adoption of its data-crunching technology, which includes a tool aimed at drug developers. The investment moves the sum raised by Molecular Health to date beyond the $100 million mark.

Heidelberg, Germany-based Molecular Health has rounded up the sizable total on the strength of its Nucleus technology, which it pitches as being the world's largest warehouse of biomedical data. By pulling in data from databases, genome studies and medical publications, Molecular Health has built itself the basis of several products, which support patient care, drug research and safety monitoring. The focus of the research-enabling product is on using the data warehouse to support stratification of patient cohorts, outcomes analyses and research into mechanisms of action and toxicology.

Molecular Health CEO Lutz Voelker sees the service helping biopharma companies navigate the increasingly data-drenched researched environment. "The sheer volume of data that exists today and its continuous, rapid expansion makes it increasingly complicated to digest and apply in a practical way," Voelker said in a statement. "Our platform integrates these data into the most comprehensive biomedical data warehouse in the world and quickly interprets information to generate accurate and actionable insights."

This process is supported by multiple pieces of technology. The data-gathering side of the operation is facilitated by technology that mines the text of scientific publications. And data from every source are reformatted before being uploaded to Nucleus. With all of this technology already in place, Molecular Health is planning to use the money raised in the latest round--which was led by existing investor dievini--to ramp up its commercialization efforts. Investments in commercial infrastructure are planned.

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