Privates continue to lag public clouds

As Amazon continues to distance itself from the public-cloud computing provider pack, private clouds remain a not-ready-for-prime-time alternative. So says Chris Dagdigian of high-performance computing consultancy BioTeam.

Dagdigian spoke at the recent Bio-IT World Europe conference. In a published interview, he says that viable private cloud computing--for life-sciences applications, at least--remain one or more years in the future. The reason: inadequate flexibility of internal network architecture for meeting business and scientific needs.

A major appeal of private networks over clouds, of course, is their tighter data security--a storage issue that instantly attracts C-level attention, in contrast to the science-driven computing requirements that lead researchers to the cloud in the first place. But public cloud providers and users alike contend that security concerns are overblown. Now they just have to get the corporate suite to listen. Or are the corporados right?

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