WuXi AppTec CDMO STA Pharma inks exclusive deal with Swiss biotech BioLingus

WuXi AppTec’s CDMO subsidiary STA Pharmaceutical has signed an exclusive tech and marketing deal with Swiss biotech BioLingus for sublingual delivery of drugs.

As part of the collaboration, WuXi STA will get exclusive access to BioLingus’ technology for sublingual and buccal delivery in the CDMO arena. The Swiss biotech’s technology centers on a platform that stabilizes and delivers sublingually—either orally or under the tongue—drug targets that include small molecules, peptides and proteins that are currently given to patients through IV.

“WuXi STA is one of the world leaders in this field, with an integrated CMC platform from preclinical development to commercialization,” Yves Decadt, chief executive for BioLingus, said in a statement. “This partnership will help us develop our own client base on a global scale faster and more broadly than we could do on our own.”

WuXi STA’s chief executive, Minzhang Chen, added that the partnership will offer more economical convenient and effective delivery solutions for patients across the globe.

Last year, the CDMO opened a new R&D center in Shanghai, right next to its production plant. WuXi STA boasts more than 1,000 scientists at five locations in China and the U.S. Globally, WuXi AppTec has more than 18,000 employees at more than two dozen facilities.