WuXi AppTec launches new service to deliver more shots on goal for drug discovery

WuXi AppTec Expands Site in the United States
WuXi AppTec opens a New Jersey-based site. (PRNewsfoto/WuXi AppTec)

Shanghai-based WuXi AppTec has launched its so-called DELight service aimed at making “cost-effective and efficient hit finding services” to speed up early drug discovery.

DELight, or DNA Encoded Library, is a self-serve product that gives researchers direct access to a collection of more than 8 billion compounds.

“Through the DELight service package, WuXi will provide a DNA Encoded Library kit and a user manual/protocols document to the research organization,” the CRO and drug discovery company explained in a statement.

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When a researcher gets hold of the kit, they make an affinity selection and then send it back to WuXi, which in turn will perform an analysis and send a summary report back to the researcher.

WuXi explains that when compared to traditional DNA-based drug discovery services, “DELight is a more convenient, efficient and economical service package, allowing researchers to perform their own affinity selection with minimum assay development and without disclosing target information.”