Velocity Clinical Research snaps up new sites as it boosts network, disease targets

Velocity Clinical Research has bought up Downtown Women's Health Care and Riverside Clinical Research as it seeks to increase volunteer recruitment “from minority communities” while expanding into renal and hepatic research.

Downtown Women's Health Care in Denver focuses on studies primarily in endometriosis, birth control and hot flash research. Durham, North Carolina-based patient recruitment specialist Velocity says this buy is “also a critical market for recruiting volunteers from the Hispanic community.”

Its buyout of Riverside Clinical Research, meanwhile, sees Velocity work with the clinic's database of 35,000 patients for both kidney and liver studies through phases 1 to 4.

“These new sites not only allow us to expand into renal and hepatic studies, which is a crucial part of the clinical research ecosystem, but also new geographic regions,” said G. Paul Evans, Ph.D, CEO and president of Velocity Clinical Research.

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“One thing the race to find a COVID vaccine has taught us is that the diversity genie cannot be put back in the bottle. We’re committed to recruiting a diverse set of volunteers to the trials we conduct. Putting sites near minority populations is one way to encourage more people from these communities to take part in clinical research.”

The acquisitions come after Velocity Clinical Research recently announced it had recruited over 10,000 patients to COVID-19 vaccine trials since July last year.

“Velocity's integrated site model allows us to scale the company whilst remaining agile, consequently driving more business,” Evans added. “We now have 16 sites in our portfolio, having only launched the company three years ago. Most site businesses struggle to scale beyond 10 to 12 sites, meaning Velocity already has a competitive edge over many in the field.”