UC Davis’ Venture Catalyst recruits Science Exchange’s outsourced R&D marketplace

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The startup support organization joins more than 30 enterprises that use Science Exchange to select and manage outsourced R&D services. (daizuoxin/iStock/Getty Images)

In a new collaboration, Science Exchange will offer its outsourced R&D marketplace to startups supported by the Venture Catalyst arm under the University of California, Davis.

To be specific, those participating in the Smart Toolkit for Accelerated Research Translation (START) program will gain immediate access to Science Exchange’s services.

Venture Catalyst helps the development of new ventures spun out from UC Davis’ research. Like many other similar research-to-business incubator programs, Venture Catalyst provides a suite of supports for entrepreneurs. Such offerings listed within the START program include patent, government grant application, banking, market intelligence and business development.

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“We anticipate that working with Science Exchange through the START Program will enable us to commercially advance the discoveries made by Venture Catalyst-supported startups and early-stage companies, in areas as diverse as biomedical and life sciences, agriculture and animal health, and physical sciences and engineering,” said Dushyant Pathak, executive director of Venture Catalyst, in a statement.

The startup support organization joins more than 30 enterprises, including most of the top 20 biopharma companies, that use Science Exchange to select and manage outsourced R&D services from a network of more than 2,500 prequalified providers, according to Science Exchange.

The new collaboration came just a few months after QB3, the University of California entrepreneurship hub focused on life sciences, tapped Science Exchange’s platform for companies under its wings.