Trialbee launches tool to take the sting out of trial recruitment delays

Trialbee, which specializes in patient recruitment, launched a new tool to help alleviate delays in enrolling participants in clinical studies.

The tool, dubbed Rescue Kit, focuses on trials that are having delays with digital recruitment campaigns. The company touts the kit as being able to hit “go live” status in as few as four weeks, according to an Aug. 29 press release.

The program features study landing page creation, a streamlined design process and document templates that reflect existing indication-specific data.

“A commonly cited and unfortunate statistic suggests that up to 80% of clinical trials will experience delays and additional cost due to patient recruitment shortcomings,” Gaynor Anders, the company’s chief delivery officer, said in the release. “We created Rescue Kit to provide immediate and urgent assistance to studies in need of a boost.”

Earlier this year, Sweden-based Trialbee inked a partnership deal with Savvy Cooperative, which is a patient-owned public benefit co-op. Savvy’s member community provides a platform for patients to discuss all aspects of clinical research from product and protocol design through recruitment, conduct and engagement.