SynteractHCR, GOG Foundation collaborate on gynecologic oncology

SynteractHCR and the GOG Foundation will collaborate in supporting gynecologic oncology drug development.(Getty Images)

SynteractHCR offers full clinical trial services, with an expertise in oncology, and GOG Foundation has an institution network of 300 members. Now the two has joined forces in supporting gynecologic oncology research studies.

The collaboration focuses on the service synergy between the two parties. The not-for-profit GOG, which focuses exclusively on gynecologic oncology, helps drug developers with clinical trial protocol development, feasibility, budgeting, among other services. With that, it will recommend SynteractHCR as the preferred CRO to assist its clients with clinical projects.

SynteractHCR, on the other hand, provides a full spectrum of clinical trial services, including pharmacovigilance, data management, statistical analysis, regulatory preparations, etc. About a quarter of SynteractHCR's projects are in oncology, and many of them are on the gynecologic side, Trisha VonderReith, senior director of marketing communications at SynteractHCR told FierceCRO. In gynecology, specifically, it has managed about 50 studies just in the past decade, working with 16,500 patients and 450 investigative sites, she said.

But it lacks GOG’s large network of gynecologic investigational sites spread in Japan, Korea, Australia and the U.S. So SynteractHCR in return will also recommend GOG to sponsors so that they could recruit patients, locate study sites and hence initiate trials faster with access to the GOG network of physicians and institutions.

The two has previously worked together on GOG-partnered studies, according to SynteractHCR CEO Wendel Barr, who said the work went well. Instead of working on separate cases, as GOG president-elect Larry J. Copeland put it this strategic team-up will for sure be a “win-win” for both, streamlining the work done on both sides.

For SynteractHCR, it will “have this network of 300 sites we can go to right away,” said Barr in a statement. “And this puts both the drug sponsors and the patients at an advantage immediately.” The GOG selected SynteractHCR from several large and small CRO candidates, deeming it “the best cultural and operational fit.”

Editor's Note: This story has been updated with SynteractHCR's previous experience in oncology and gynecology.