SynteractHCR in a new phase of international hires after buyout

SynteractHCR continues expanding its high-end staff base and global footprint with new appointments

CRO SynteractHCR has announced another glut of appointments after last year’s acquisition from U.S. healthcare equity firm Amulet.

The four-new senior-level staffers are poised to help bolster its international team as Miguel Fuentes joins as executive director, service delivery and will be based in Spain, while Patrick Loebs, comes on board as senior regulatory affairs manager in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Katharina Grote joins as finance director and will be working of its Munich, Germany office, and Dr. Ewelina Mazur-Janik, has been hired as its medical monitor in oncology out of its Poland base.

Wendel Barr, CEO of the company, said: “At SynteractHCR, we realize our people are critical to our mission of collaborating with clients to create a better future for patients.

“For this reason, we look to the best and brightest and empower them to drive innovation and provide integrity in all that they do. Our latest new hires continue our commitment to leading the industry, as we further expand and grow our international presence to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide.”

The CRO has grown over the past 12 months through a series of acquisitions, with one of the biggest coming in 2013 when it acquired Germany’s Harrison Clinical Research, rebranding itself as SynteractHCR and expanding its reach to 16 countries.

Back in May of last year, Amulet Capital Partners acquired the CRO in what was the investment group’s first M&A. Numbers weren’t given, but Reuters had previously reported that the CRO was looking for a $1.5 billion buyout deal.

Lat year it had annual earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of around $160 million, according to the newswire.

This is also the second major hiring phase for the company after its Amulet buyout as in October, it announced a series of high-profile appointments that include Linda Rawlings, who joined as executive director of strategic development; Pascale Goujard-Paquette, who became senior director of clinical operations in the EU; and Erin Parker, now the senior director of global medical operations.

Last month, Martine Dehlinger-Kremer, VP of global medical and regulatory affairs at SynteractHCR, was also elected president of the European CRO Federation, which represents 300 CROs across 18 countries.