Sygnature Discovery pumps £3.75M into data management system

Sygnature Discovery,  a U.K.-based preclinical contractor, is pumping 3.75 million pounds sterling ($4.6 million) into Azenta Life Sciences’ compound management storage system that will allow it to store customer libraries.

Azenta’s service, along with high-throughput screening (HTS) capacity, will allow automated management and screening of compounds from various sources at one location, according to a Nov. 2 press release. With it, Sygnature will be able to store more than 2 million compounds under optimal conditions for stability, and compound samples will be tracked automatically from the storage well to the final HTS assay data point.

The investment is part of Sygnature’s goal to become a market leader in the drug discovery market for hit-finding capabilities.

In August, Sygnature bought Canadian CRO NuChem Sciences for an undisclosed price, giving the company integrated and standalone discovery services that span medicinal, synthetic, scale-up, process and computational chemistry as well as drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, in vitro biology and in vivo pharmacology.