Solvias acquires CONFARMA

KAISERAUGST/Switzerland - The pharmaceutical service provider Solvias AG announced today the acquisition of CONFARMA AG, headquartered in Münchenstein, and its subsidiary CONFARMA France SARL. The acquisition is a key component of the forward-looking growth strategy of Solvias and CONFARMA.

Solvias is pursuing a long-term growth strategy with the aim of expanding its extensive range of services for pharmaceutical companies. By acquiring the CONFARMA Group, Solvias and CONFARMA are strengthening their market position in the highly competitive quality control segment and increasing the range of analytical services they can offer their partners in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and life science.

Two successful and established brands are coming together via this acquisition to form a single group, yet each will continue to have an independent presence on the market. Maintaining continuity is therefore the overriding concern, as CEO Dr. Hansjörg Walther emphasizes: "We are convinced that the clients of both Solvias and CONFARMA will benefit in the long run from the added value generated by the two companies coming together. We are consolidating our position as a dependable partner of pharmaceutical companies throughout the entire product life cycle."

The individual steps of the integration process will be defined in detail in the coming months. "We want to unleash the great potential for synergy that the merger offers by learning from each other and implementing the knowledge gained as Group-wide best practice," said Dr. Walther. "And because our companies, Solvias and CONFARMA, are in a period of growth, the integration will not lead to any reduction in staff, but rather will create jobs. We firmly believe that the synergies realized will contribute to growth this year and be positively reflected in our results."

Further details on the transaction will not be published.

About Solvias

Solvias is the reliable partner for the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. It supports the entire development process of a pharmaceutical product with its services and creates sustainable added value for customers with integrated solutions that combine services, products, and technologies.

Convincing services:
− Analytical development for small and large molecules
− Solid-state development (polymorphism, salts, and crystallization)
− Chemical development, including production in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for active pharmaceutical components for clinical studies
− Catalysis and ligands
− Process analytical technology (fiber-optic probes and projects)


Founded in 1972, CONFARMA AG, together with its subsidiary in France, is one of the leading global providers of scientific services for the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetics, and medical devices industries.

It has state-of-the-art technological platforms and an experienced multi-disciplinary team made up of microbiologists, molecular biologists, immunologists, chemists, biochemists, biologists, and pharmacists. The company's experience in the different disciplines means it can manage very complex projects.

CONFARMA is part of European research and development networks and the time it save its partners in all phases of product development helps ensure their success on the market.

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