Science 37 tapped for Synlogic's phase 3 trial of potential PKU treatment

Science 37 has been tapped to use its virtual clinical trial tech for phase 3 trials of Synlogic’s treatment for the rare genetic metabolic disorder phenylketonuria (PKU).

Under the deal, Science 37’s Metasite will be used to expand access to the trial for patients unable to go to research sites, the company said in a July 11 press release. Synlogic expects to enroll about 150 participants in the study who will get the treatment and be monitored for as many as three years.

Science 37 uses a tech platform that features a network of mobile nurses, telemedicine investigators, remote coordinators and connected devices that allow trial participants remote access to clinical trials.

“The approach to this study truly embodies patient centricity,” David Kudrow, M.D., Science 37’s medical director, said in the release. “We can facilitate involvement for anyone interested in participating in the trial, with little inconvenience, while ensuring and delivering high-quality data to the sponsor.”

Like many in the biotech industry, Synlogic announced culls to its workforce and pipeline in the past year. In December, the synthetic biology company trimmed its head count 25% (about 23 people) and said it would focus on clinical-stage and certain preclinical research programs, including moving its lead PKU program into phase 3 trials this year.

Earlier this year, Science 37 said it was partnering with Worldwide Clinical Trials as part of its strategy to boost its offerings for decentralized clinical trials. As part of that agreement, Worldwide became part of Science 37’s CRO certified network that gives members access, training and commercial support in scaling up remote clinical trial operations.