Quintiles extends its R&D hand-holding service to biopharmas large and small

Quintiles CEO Tom Pike

Quintiles ($Q), which has signed deep-seated R&D deals with some major players in biopharma, is extending the same all-encompassing development help to the rest of the industry, marketing a service through which the CRO takes a seat at the decisionmaking table.

Dubbed the Integrated Asset Development Plan, or IADP, Quintiles new offering puts gets the company's experts involved at every stage of a client's project, steering development with an eye on commercial viability from the earliest stages. The CRO is filling a similar role through multi-year agreements with Biogen ($BIIB) and Merck KGaA, and now it's offering the same in-depth partnership through a packaged suite of services.

The idea behind IADP is to hammer out the value proposition, clinical pathway and regulatory plan for an asset at the outset of development, designing trials to fit the over-arching goal in an effort to bolster the odds of success, Quintiles said.

"In today's increasingly complex healthcare market, a successful asset must meet key value objectives and evidence needs for a variety of stakeholders, including patients, providers, regulators and payers," Quintiles Senior Vice President Rick Sax said in a statement. "... With IADP, we bring an objective view of commercial viability, a structured design process and robust technology to create an approach that helps our customers improve their probability of success."

The Biogen and Merck KGaA deals signaled "the ongoing evolution of drug development collaboration" between drugmakers and CROs, CEO Tom Pike said last year, and Quintiles believes its status as the world's largest pharma service provider allows it to provide a similar service scaled for each client's needs.

Meanwhile, the steadily growing CRO is on pace for a record $4.6 billion in annual revenue, a roughly 9% jump over 2014.

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