PRA Health and Allscripts' Veradigm launches major new EHR clinical trial research network

Electronic health records

Healthcare data and tech company Veradigm has created and launched a new electronic-healthcare-record-based clinical research network that reaches more than 25,000 doctors and 40 million patients across the U.S.

The company, a unit under the auspices of Allscripts and CRO PRA Health Sciences, says its new StudySource platform “extends existing EHR systems” to include clinical research alongside PRA’s own eSource tech and expertise.

“This network will enable any of our physicians to offer clinical research as a care option (CRACCO) to their patients, driving efficiencies across the trial process and increasing the accessibility and diversity in clinical trials,” Veradigm said in a statement.

“The current approach to clinical trials is disconnected from healthcare delivery and requires manual data collection, which creates barriers for physicians and patients to participate. Today, less than one percent of the US population participates in clinical research, despite patients’ willingness to participate if asked,” said Stephanie Reisinger, vice president and general manager of Veradigm’s Life Sciences Research business.

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“Under this agreement, the Veradigm and PRA-led network aims to transform the clinical research processes by extending EHR workflows to include clinical research as well as fully leveraging the rich data from digital healthcare delivery. The scale of Veradigm’s EHR footprint with PRA’s eSource technology and deep trial expertise will enable us to literally bring studies to where the patients are.”