PPD unveils new additions in a number of therapeutic areas

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PPD announced several new hires, expanding its therapeutics areas in neuroscience, hematology/oncology, rare diseases and pediatrics. (Getty/wmiami)

CRO Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD) unveiled a number of new hires as part of the company’s goal to expand several therapeutics areas, including neuroscience, hematology/oncology, rare diseases and pediatrics.

The additions include Amy Chappell, M.D., and Alberto Lledó, M.D., Ph.D. Both Chappell and Lledó work in the area of neuroscience. Timothy Miller, M.D., was added in rare diseases and pediatrics, and Konstantin Stoitchkoy, M.D., Ph.D. in hematology/oncology. All have extensive experience in product development and commercialization, the company said.

“As the drug development process continues to become more complex, our clients are looking to PPD to provide medical and scientific expertise and strategic direction that extend far beyond traditional clinical trial implementation,” Rob Dow, PPD’s chief medical officer, said in a statement.

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Earlier this year, PPD and its patient-recruitment business unit, Acurian, launched a “patient concierge” service as part of an effort to increase trial enrollment and retention. The program proactively guides participants for the duration of a clinical study and manages their logistics, including appointment and medication reminders, device training, transportation and reimbursement support.


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