Parexel links with Medidata’s Shyft to boost its real-world data offering for clients

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Parexel links with Medidata’s Shyft Analytics to boost its real-world evidence offering for biopharma and medical device clients. (Pixabay)

Biopharma services provider Parexel is linking up with Medidata’s Shyft Analytics to boost its real-world evidence (RWE) offering for biopharma and medical device clients.

The collaboration enhances Parexel’s data-linking capabilities through optimizing the design and execution of ongoing and retrospective clinical studies, from late-phase research to supporting clinical trials.

Shyft’s platform allows researchers to generate “submission-ready” studies 92% faster (on average) than the industry standard.


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“By leveraging Shyft’s platform, our teams will be able to generate real-time insights spanning strategic consulting to pivotal trial feasibility to late-phase health economics and outcomes research analytics with a much higher level of efficiency,” Michelle Hoiseth, Parexel’s chief data officer, said in a statement. “This, combined with our enhanced data linking capabilities, is a significant step forward in our approach to help sponsors leverage real-world data in a meaningful way now and in the future.”

As part of its efforts to boost its RWE presence, Parexel partnered with Datavant in September to improve the design and operations of clinical studies. That agreement is designed to connect healthcare data from a number of real-world and clinical data sources to aid drug development and commercialization. Datavant targets secure de-identification and linking of healthcare datasets.


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