PAREXEL Enhances ClinPhone® RTSM Service to Simplify and Expedite Randomization and Trial Supply Management For Clinical Studies

BOSTON— PAREXEL International Corporation (NASDAQ: PRXL), a leading global biopharmaceutical services provider, today announced enhancements to its Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) service, ClinPhone® RTSM.  PAREXEL designed the enhanced service to simplify patient randomization and clinical supply management and to offer greater speed and flexibility in tailoring the service to meet the needs of clinical trials while reducing delivery timelines. For the improvements, PAREXEL integrated the interactive response technology acquired from ClinIntel in October 2014 with PAREXEL's experience in delivering RTSM services to thousands of studies to create an enhanced fourth-generation technology platform.

"RTSM services are critical to clinical trials, helping sponsors achieve treatment group balance, eliminate selection bias, increase the predictability of treatment allocations, and manage trial supplies, including minimizing drug wastage by enabling automated site restocking." said Xavier Flinois, President, PAREXEL Informatics.  "Biopharmaceutical companies are increasingly seeking to make drug development more efficient without compromising patient safety or data quality. With the fourth-generation ClinPhone RTSM service, our clients will benefit from a streamlined system delivery process, the flexibility to make rapid study design changes, and simpler patient and supply management."

Enhancements to the ClinPhone RTSM service that will benefit our customers include:

  • Speed and efficiency: typically ready for use in four to eight weeks, cutting weeks off of the standard system delivery time
  • Configuration and customization: quickly tailored to meet the demands of different phases of clinical development, local regulators, regional requirements,  and client or protocol specific needs
  • Adaptability: rapid turnaround and minimal timeline disruption for study changes before or during the trial

The ClinPhone RTSM service has been used in more than 3,300 studies involving more than 290,000 sites and 2.4 million patients.  A recent global survey conducted by Industry Standard Research, 2014 IRT Market Dynamics and Service Provider Benchmarking Report, ranked ClinPhone RTSM as the leading  interactive response technology, citing it as the most preferred and widely used solution.

ClinPhone RTSM is a key component of the Perceptive MyTrials® platform, an integrated suite of applications for managing clinical trials.  ClinPhone RTSM is also available through the Perceptive® Partner Program, as a standalone RTSM solution, and as part of end-to-end PAREXEL® Clinical Trial Supplies and Logistics solutions to help ensure the right medication kits are received by the right patients at the right time. 

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